Cocaine Factories - Bolivia - Fabricas de cocaina - Febrero 2007

Feb 2007
Evo Morales swept to power promising a social revolution which included legalising coca cultivation. A year on, America is so worried Bolivia is becoming a 'Narco State', it's slashed funding.
"These are the coca leaves that we step on. This is the paste", states Roberto, showing us around his cocaine factory in the jungle. Promoting alternative uses of coca, such as in tea, is the heart of the government's policy. "The coca leaf is a cultural issue and part of our identity", explains Minister Felipe Casares. Officially, the jungles of Bolivia are producing fewer tonnes of cocaine paste. But Morales' policy of 'Coca Yes, Cocaine No' has the sceptics worried. As Senator Rafael Loayez states; "If we have this very permissive policy, we are going to hve a problem with drug trafficking."

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